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Benefits You Get Working with QMA

QMA offers you many important and exclusive benefits.

Designed for Living, Built for Life, Just for You:

Our design staff works tirelessly to make sure your new or remodeled home provides you the most ideal space that can be designed for your lifestyle and built within your budget. We then use the appropriate materials and expert craftsmanship so that your home will provide you years and years of trouble-free enjoyment.

We Listen:

One of QMA’s secrets of success is that we really listen to you. We take great pride in delighting our clients time and time again. We know that one of the keys to ensuring that you are not only satisfied, but also thrilled with our work is to welcome your input.

We Deliver What We Promise:

This is true when it comes to the quality of our design and construction, the certainty of price, the support and guidance we provide you at every step in the process and much more.

QMA Value Engineering:

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a spiral staircase. Perhaps a comfortable home office is one of your priorities. Or maybe you need a kitchen and dining room that will make entertaining the pleasure it should be. We can translate your dreams, your needs, and your priorities into a design that focuses your budget on the areas that are most important to you. We call it value engineering. You’ll call it the home you have always dreamed of.

Design + Build Advantage:

The design + build approach we offer delivers you ease, simplicity, cost control, certainty of price and a single point of responsibility that everything is done right. If something is not right, QMA will take care of it. You never have to be in the middle between your architect and your builder. Plus there is never anything lost in the transition between your architect and your builder because we are both.

The QMA Architectural Advantage:

Some design + build firms don’t employ licensed architects and instead use unlicensed and uncertified designers. Others may subcontract their design work to the lowest bidder. At QMA, your home will be designed by our experienced, NJ & PA licensed, in-house architects who have over 60 years of combined design and construction experience. Their expertise ensures that your home will not only be beautiful, but will be functional and cost-efficient to build as well. Because we utilize state-of-the-art computer aided design software, you’ll be provided with an almost photographic quality image of the exterior of your home, enabling you to see precisely what your home will look like when completed.

Unique and Special Designs:

QMA is not in the business of designing cookie cutter homes and remodeling projects. We know that the value, utility and enjoyment you will get from your new or remodeled home are due in large part to the quality of its design and how it is customized for you. We take an intelligent, thoughtful, analytical and creative approach so that every home we design is special and unique to fit to you, your lifestyle, your property’s location and, of course, your budget. Clients are often surprised and pleased to learn that customized design does not have to be expensive.

Special Water-Oriented Home Expertise:

QMA has the knowledge, skills and expertise you can rely on for a smooth, successful experience when building or remodeling a water-oriented home. Not only are there important building, weather and maintenance issues that must be addressed properly, but QMA can assist you in managing the many and overlapping layers of governmental regulations and reviews required for working in these environmentally sensitive areas.

Energy Star Certified Custom Home Building:

Everything we do at QMA is about long-lasting quality, so we are proud to build Energy Star certified custom homes. Not only are Energy Star homes energy-efficient and cost less to heat and cool, but are also more comfortable for their owners.

Builders who participate in the Energy Star program have their home designs analyzed by an independent evaluator who confirms the home is at least 20% more energy efficient than standard homes. The home receives two separate field inspections by an independent engineering company: one at the completion of rough-ins to ensure the building envelope is extremely tight, and another upon building completion which verifies that all Energy Star products in the design have been installed and confirms through a blower test that the home meets Energy Star's stringent air infiltration/leakage requirements.

We’re Easy to Work With:

There is no denying that designing and building a custom home or major remodeling project can be stressful on some homeowners at times. Because we pride ourselves on being easy to work with, we help you through the entire process from beginning to end and lessen or eliminate unnecessary stress whenever possible.

QMA Exclusives:

As a QMA client, you will enjoy the many exclusive benefits only we offer, including our QMA 16-Point Design + Build Process, QMA CodePLUS, QMA 3 Year Limited Warranty on remodeling projects, QMA Continuous Client Care and more.

QMA Architects applies our over 25-years of construction experience to the design of every building to ensure that our designs and construction drawings are easy to understand, easy to bid and easy to build. Our sister company QMA Design+Build, LLC no longer provides construction services but we can assist you in finding the most appropriate and qualified contractor for your project.

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