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QMA: Designed for Living, Built for Life.

Designed for Living, Built for Life, It’s not just our tag line, it’s our mission and our passion!

At QMA we are Architects and Craftsmen who create unique award winning homes and significant renovations not only in appearance, but in function and construction. Each home is tailored precisely to your family composition, your lifestyle, your budget and your property. We then build that home utilizing the most current “Green Technologies” with low maintenance materials and the finest craftsmanship. We follow that up with a 10-Year New Home Warranty and a ‘Independently Verified” customer satisfaction rating of 97%. We have been providing these exceptional Design+Build services for year round residences and vacation home owners at the Jersey Shore since 1991.

By providing unparalleled service to you we ensure an exciting, organized and professional experience throughout the design and construction of your renovated or new home. Our promise is simple; to provide you with amazing and creative architectural designs and fabulous craftsmanship, completed on time and on budget.

Design & Build:

A design build firm is responsible for both the Architectural design and construction of your home. We at QMA do not use subcontracted Architects or subcontracted General Contractors as many so called Design Build firms do. We have both professions in-house and utilize our own employees to provide these integrated services. We have been perfecting our Design+Build delivery process over the past 20 years and have implemented systems and procedures that translate into a great experience and a fabulous home that you will love for years and generations to come.

Amazing Design:

QMA is a National Award winning Design Build firm that has been the recipient of numerous, local regional and national awards for the beauty and quality of their designs. QMA’s homes have been featured in many local, regional and national publications as well. Every home we Design+Build is unique and tailored to your family’s needs, your lifestyle, your specific location and of course your budget. Utilizing state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, we provide all of our clients with beautiful, full color, almost photo-realistic exterior renderings of what your new or renovated home will look like long before construction begins.

Guaranteed Pricing:

QMA will Design+Build your new home to fit your budget, Guaranteed! Whether you are building a new custom home or are considering a major renovation to your existing one, we pride ourselves on our creative ability to achieve amazing and beautiful results while working to your budget.

Quality Construction:

Every builder will tell you they build a great house. With QMA your New Home is independently inspected, tested and Certified by NJ Energy Star as meeting their significantly higher level of quality.

Energy Efficiency and Comfort:

All new homes built by QMA are NJ Energy Star Compliant. This means that each home is at least 20% more energy efficient than a normal house and usually quite a bit more. But more importantly, complying with Energy Star requires not only more efficient heating and cooling equipment, but a higher standard of construction in almost every part of your home. This results in a tighter building envelope and a more comfortable home because drafts are a thing of the past. Of course being “Green” and saving money on your utility bills is an added benefit too. Download the NJ Energy Start Brochure.

Customer Service:

All firms will tell you they have happy customers and many will even give you a list of select past customers. For over 10 years, QMA has engaged Guild Quality to survey ALL of its customers, and QMA was recently awarded their 2012 Guildmaster with Highest Distinction. This tremendous honor was due to their 96% customer satisfaction representing 10 years of work and more than 50 happy customers.

Local and committed to our Community:

We are active member of our communities and have been ardent supporters of Habitat for Humanity, Jewish Family Services, Shore Memorial Hospital, Kiwanis, AIA, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and numerous local PBS’s and sports programs.

Experience and Expertise:

Todd Allen Miller, RA-PP, is a New Jersey & Pennsylvania Licensed Architect, a New Jersey Professional Planner and principal in QMA. Todd and QMA have personally Designed & Built over 100 new custom homes and significant renovations in his more than 30 years of design and construction practice.

QMA Architects applies our over 25-years of construction experience to the design of every building to ensure that our designs and construction drawings are easy to understand, easy to bid and easy to build. Our sister company QMA Design+Build, LLC no longer provides construction services but we can assist you in finding the most appropriate and qualified contractor for your project.

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