4 Concrete Signs Staying With Your Current Partner Will Ruin Your Life


Do not force a relationship that clearly isn’t healthy to work when you don’t want to end up with the wrong person. Be careful not to commit too much time to the wrong person because sometimes the best thing you can do for each other is to part ways. If you stay with your current partner, your life might turn into something you never wanted. Here are some signs you are making the wrong decision

4 Concrete Signs Staying With Your Current Partner Will Ruin Your Life

You feel like you’re walking on eggshells around them

If you don’t want to spark an argument with your partner, you shouldn’t tiptoe around them or lie to them. It is important to be with someone with whom you feel completely at ease, with whom you can let down your walls and be your most authentic self.

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It’s not the right person for you if you clam up around them because you don’t trust them to react appropriately to what you say, or because they make you feel small or guilty whenever you express an opinion. Without a filter, you need someone you can talk to with confidence.


You feel like your decisions are out of your control

You don’t have to be with your partner for a long time. The body you have is still yours. You still own your mind. You don’t have to let them make decisions for you. Your every move is not under their control. Wearing what they want you to wear or eating what they want you to eat gives them too much control over you. And you need to leave.

You’ve turned into someone you don’t like when you’re around them.

The person you choose should bring out the best in you. Instead of inspiring you to be your worst self, they should inspire you to become your most beautiful self. The moment they leave the room, you will feel lighter and happier. Because you like a person – and you like who you are around them – you deserve a person you enjoy spending time with.


You simply aren’t happy with them

On paper, this person might be perfect for you, but it doesn’t matter. That’s enough of a reason to leave if you’re unhappy. You don’t need another excuse. There is no need for a sign. It’s a big enough sign by itself.

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