4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Stop Thinking About Their Crush


4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Stop Thinking About Their Crush– There are some zodiacs who won’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. They won’t admit when they have a crush on someone.

They won’t admit their feelings, even if it means they might miss their chance with the person of their dreams. These are the zodiac signs that can’t stop thinking about their secret crush, but won’t act on it:



Virgos rarely speak up about their crushes, unless they trust you with their life. They don’t want their secret being revealed to the wrong person, so they keep their feelings under wraps. The fact that they may not even tell their friends about their crush means they will not tell their crush how much they care because they fear rejection.

4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Stop Thinking About Their Crush

As a result, they prefer to wait for their crush to initiate the relationship, so they can reciprocate. Since they don’t express their feelings, their crush might never be able to ask them out. They may also be concerned about rejection, so a relationship may never happen.



Unless they are absolutely sure their crush feels the same way, Scorpios won’t make a move until they are absolutely sure. If they know there’s a chance they could get their heart broken, they might end up avoiding their crush completely because they don’t want to deal with their messy feelings.

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Even though they won’t make the first move, they won’t stop daydreaming about it. They will imagine what would happen if they ended up with this person, and if they had a happily ever after. But rarely will they ever turn their daydreams into reality.


Daydreamers, Sagittarius have trouble focusing. When they love someone, they will be unable to concentrate, but they won’t let it show on the outside. They won’t let anyone know how they’re feeling, and they won’t make a move to ask out this person.


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They are afraid of ruining a friendship, embarrassing themselves, or making the other person uncomfortable, so they keep their feelings to themselves. The reason why they don’t admit to their crush is because they don’t want to complicate their relationship with this person. They don’t want to end up heartbroken.


Despite telling themselves that they are too busy to ask their crush out, Aquarius will still spend a lot of time daydreaming about them. After they fall in love, it’s difficult to let that person go.

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It’s hard for them to concentrate on the task at hand because their thoughts are always drifting back to that one special person, but they won’t let that person know how special they are. Presumably, they won’t care, they won’t be crushing on anyone.