4 Zodiacs Who Take Forever To Get Married


4 Zodiacs Who Take Forever To Get Married– Relationships are complex, as each person has different preferences and timelines. It may be difficult for some people to remain in long-term relationships, but it may be easier for others. Others may have trouble imagining marriage and a connected future, despite spending plenty of time dreaming about it.

Marriage may not be an issue for some, but they may wish to take their time. The possibility of getting married may not be a priority for others, but they may be open to it. In astrology, there are many ways to determine a person’s desire for marriage, as well as the obstacles they may face. Depending on the zodiac sign, some zodiac signs may be strongly associated with marriage and long-term relationships, and others may not marry until later in life.


How long does it take for a zodiac sign to get married? Take a look at the four signs below to find out.


Capricorn has qualities that may make this observation difficult to interpret. The Capricorn is often stereotyped as a workaholic who has trouble focusing on other milestones in life.


Nevertheless, they are also known to value tradition, and can even be a bit old-fashioned about some things, so getting married would make sense. This is primarily due to Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet. The planet Saturn represents responsibility, boundaries, limitations, and delays. In Capricorn, Saturn values hard work and well-earned lessons. 

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Saturn’s nature causes Capricorns to be saddled with burdens and struggles early in life but experience an easier path and letting loose in later life.

As such, it’s not unreasonable to expect Capricorns to delay getting married until they’ve gotten their lives together. At this point, they may realize they won’t be able to devote themselves fully to a person and may be more inclined to wait to get married.



Even though Aquarius isn’t a surprise here, their qualities make it a toss-up. There may be no interest in marriage for Aquarius signs. The Aquarius sign, however, thrives on consistency (even if they don’t admit it to themselves or others).

Saturn, along with Uranus, co-rules Aquarius, just as it does Capricorn. Saturn’s influence on Aquarius involves fully understanding a structure or tradition and discarding anything that isn’t beneficial to society. There is a tendency for Aquarians to believe that marriage is outdated or not desire to perform a wedding ceremony just to end up in a painful divorce. 

As for the other planet influencing the air sign, Uranus is a planet of rebellion, upheaval, and eccentricity-it doesn’t like to do things the same way everyone else does. When Aquarians marry, they may do so in an unorthodox manner, as a result of this. An Aquarius, however, won’t make this kind of commitment unless they truly want it, which can take time.


Sagittarius signs either put off marriage or have shotgun weddings. Fire signs are known for their adventurous spirit and spontaneity – they aren’t tameable. Taking action is different from opposing the idea of marriage as a concept.

The Sagittarius sign wants to feel like they have options, whether it’s about people, opportunities, or adventures. A marriage is often seen as a time to settle down and abandon big dreams, which isn’t appealing to them. A Sagittarius may marry sooner if they find someone on the same page as them, but in general, they don’t rush into marriage.


Especially with all the possibilities that exist in the world, Geminis aren’t one to rush into marriage. It is important for them to have options on the table, and they will not give them up permanently unless they are certain it is the right path for them. A sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and memory, is also more prone to overthinking its commitment. 

Additionally, Geminis value adaptability and growth as well as consistency. Their best relationships are those where they are able to change without feeling restrained. Geminis are not into being pushed into something they don’t like, and are more than willing to take their time before settling down if they decide it’s right for them.

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