Dad At Taylor Swift Concert Gets Caught Updating Group Chat About All The Hot Moms Who Are There


Dad At Taylor Swift Concert Gets Caught Updating Group Chat– Oh no. I’m scared. Feel free to use any synonym you like to describe uncomfortable, unfortunate situations…

This video covers a lot of ground. As with Taylor Swift’s current Eras Tour, every second of this video was extremely expensive (figuratively speaking).


There has to be some sympathy for the fathers who had to both pay for Swift’s astronomically expensive tickets and were dragged to a show where they are more likely to play the role of “chaperone” than “Swiftie.”

It is clear from this video that Swift’s popular music is fueling the potential for a “Love Story” between fathers unwilling to attend and mothers living vicariously through their daughters.

The TikTok (which may invade privacy) showed a father’s all-time text message. There were some questionable updates in the guy’s group message that made everyone nervous.


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With this guy, stereotypical “Dad vibes” were in full force:


His phone is being typed with just one finger: Check.

His glasses helped him see the texts, yet he held his phone at arms’ length: Check.


This hilariously cringe-worthy conversation was recorded by the TikTokers behind him using the iPhone’s “bigger font” setting: Check, check, check.

He was slowly (but surely) typing up this text after getting a text from someone else about the over/under amount on drinks:

“Observing the HOT 40-year-old Mom’s who are dressed just like their 15-year-old daughters. The mom’s DEFINITELY look hot.”


We’ll definitely put that out there, that’s pretty strange to send. I’m going to try to “Shake It Off” and get through this story, but I can’t help but feel that I knew “All Too Well” that fathers at Taylor Swift concerts have been sending texts like this about “Gorgeous” mothers for years.

In this situation, I’m not sure who’ll get the worst “Karma”: the guy who sent the gross text or the person who took the video from behind and put it out there.

Although the father put an unnecessary apostrophe in “moms”, I must give him props for using proper grammar. Dashes are supposed to be put between “40-year-old” and “15-year-old.”

When it comes to texting, there’s no need to pay attention to the “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve.” I would usually just replace the dashes with a blank space.

It is likely that if this guy’s wife learns about this, he’ll be exiled. A text like that would definitely cause some “Bad Blood” in a marriage. If he got caught, I am sure he would say something like “Don’t blame me.”.

If ever identified, this “Fearless” TikToker’s video will surely cause this oogling father to be “Haunted”

@sarlyncal Loving the crowd here!!!! #erastour #erastourtaylorswift #fyp #tstheerastour ♬ original sound – Sarah

You’ve probably figured it out by now, but Taylor Swift has 12 songs in this article.

When I thought of this idea, I should have “Should’ve Said No,” but I chose not to “Grow Up” long ago, so “This Is Me Trying.”

Total count just rocketed up to 15, but “It’s Time To Go” now…

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