Little Girl Gets Absolutely Launched Into The Air By An Angry Bison In Yellowstone National Park


Bison, we have liftoff.

Yellowstone National Park was the place where this animal encounter occurred (where else would it happen? ), and this little girl is currently orbiting the Earth after practically being launched into space by a bison.


While we don’t know the extent of her injuries (apparently she wasn’t seriously injured), this little girl did not die. This video was shared on the Twitter account “1000 Ways to Die.”

Have Bison attacks killed people before? There is no doubt that they have.

Actually, here’s something interesting for you:


When people approach Bison and/or get too close, the massive, horned animals feel threatened and may attack and possibly kill them.

Some people still don’t get the memo that it’s okay to petting bison even after all the warnings. The National Park Service recently put out a hilarious PSA about this.


It’s not a very long video, but it still tells a pretty interesting story. The bison begins to rush people who are near it when it realizes it is angry. Seeing that the adults abandon a child (good job, guys), the massive beast prepares to attack her.

It appears that the little girl is lifted by the bison’s head and not its horns, as she is sent flying through the air. After flipping in the air, she appears to be landing somewhat on her feet when the video ends.


Do I think she landed like an Olympic gymnast? That’s probably not the case. The way she ended the flip, however, was much better than if she had completed the impromptu aerial stunt on her head.

Take a look!

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