Decoding the Mystery: The Truth Behind Uneven Breast Sizes


My boyfriend travels a lot for work. 

As I work remotely, I often accompany him on his trips. 


In other words, while he is wearing a nametag and drinking tepid coffee, I am wearing a luxurious bathrobe, ordering room service, and working from a bed that someone else has made. 

It is utter heaven.

A strange thing about hotel rooms is the placement of mirrors.


this was how I discovered my uneven boobs. 

Let me back up. 


While on the toilet in almost every hotel I’ve been to with him, the mirror is placed so that you are faced with your own body. 

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Surprise! It is not a flattering angle. 

Most of the time, I just don’t look, but on our last outing, I caught a shocking glimpse of myself: my boobs are really uneven. 

One of the boobs is much smaller, the one on the left. Being dominant on my right, this was doubly shocking to me. 

While I inspected my uneven boobs, my boyfriend politely waited in the bedroom for me to finish my toilet business before joining me. 

It was clear, however, that his motives were suspect. 

When I looked at my boobies from different angles and positions (I really hope no one had the room bugged), I realized that the difference was nominal, and if I think about it, my left boob has always spilled out of my left bra cup. 

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Is there any way I could have missed this difference for this long? The fact that I had uneven boobs led me straight to my computer, so here’s what I learned about uneven boobs around the world.

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Here’s what it really means when your boobs are uneven:

1. Growth variation is normal, even in boobs

It’s totally normal to have slightly uneven breasts.

It’s because the body itself is not perfectly symmetrical. Although symmetry is considered to be the key to beauty, if you’re worried that your uneven boobs mean you’re strange or sick, take comfort in the fact that most women’s boobs are slightly uneven at least to some extent. 

2. Hormonal changes affect boobs’ symmetry

She wasn’t wrong when she said, “The left one has really popped but the other has a ways to go.” when I was developing boobs. A breast can develop at a faster rate than the other during puberty due to hormonal changes. That could totally explain your situation if you are still developing.

Fret not, you are normal, and also, I am sorry you had to read about my mom talking about my boobs like they were popcorn. 

3. Cystic breasts can make for uneven boobs

Bulky or cystic breasts contain (totally benign) masses inside them. Injuries to the breast can cause these masses, or a simple genetic tendency towards fibrous breasts can cause them.

4. Uneven boobs can be a symptom of breast cancer

Rarely, sudden changes in boob size may be a sign of breast cancer. It’s very, very rare for most women to experience that symptom.

The doctor should still be consulted if your boob size has changed dramatically and suddenly. 

Basically, if you have uneven boobs, you’re in good company. The uneven boobs you have don’t make you less attractive or funny-looking. It is just as important to love them as any other part of your body. 

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