This Is The Difference Between Love and Lust, According To Psychology


“Love at first sight” isn’t really love. The feeling is lustful.

A feeling of intense attraction and desire for someone you don’t know. If you don’t know someone or haven’t met them, how can you love them? It’s impossible. The reason it’s lust is because of that.


Love and lust are two different things, and it’s crucial to know the difference. Nobody wants to be misled or heartbroken, thinking the relationship was one thing when it was actually something else.

Love can be passionate or companionate, according to social psychologist Elaine Hatfield. A passionate relationship begins with intense emotions and a strong sexual attraction. The basis of a close relationship is mutual respect, caring, affection, and trust.”

I’d like to explain how love differs from lust, and how you can tell the difference


What Is Lust?

Lust is simply a strong, sexual attraction to someone. Excitement, desire, and physical cravings are involved.

Lust is the feeling of being deeply attracted to someone sexually. You are probably not interested in being in a relationship with them. It’s impossible to envision a future together. It’s possible, in some cases, to convince yourself that you can see a future together only because you ignore the warning signs.


During lust, you don’t care about your feelings, hopes, or dreams; you are solely concerned about their appearance.

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It is selfish to fulfill each other’s desires through lust. Friend-with-benefits and no-strings-attached relationships are so popular. There is a short-term nature to lust. Physical pleasure and immediate gratification are the goals. Lust prevents you from developing long-term, deep, emotional connections.


What Is Love?

It is a bond that binds us together. The feeling of being attached. It’s about being inseparable, both physically and spiritually. The two of you are compatible. The two of you are special to each other. Each other’s emotions are understood, there is selflessness, compromise, patience, respect, and patience.

Zick Rubin explains that romantic love has three components: attachment, caring, and intimacy. You care about someone’s happiness, share your personal thoughts and concerns with them, and want or need to be with them.

When you’re in love, you’re attracted not only to their body, but also to their heart, mind, personality, and the future you envision together.The relationship between two people is long-term. Commitment is the key to love. With patience, understanding, and happiness for one another, it’s about developing physical and emotional intimacy.

It is possible for lust to turn into love. It is possible to have both lust and love at the same time. It is possible to have a deep lust for one another and still be in a loving, healthy, romantic relationship. There is a difference between the two, but it is crucial to distinguish it before getting too deep and hurting anyone’s feelings.

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