Top 8 Best Gaited Horse Breeds for a Smooth Ride


Top 8 Best Gaited Horse Breeds for a Smooth Ride: Are you a horse enthusiast looking for a smooth and comfortable ride? Gaited horse breeds offer a unique and enjoyable experience for riders. These breeds are known for their natural ability to perform smooth and even gaits, making them ideal for long-distance travel, trail riding, and pleasure riding. In this article, we will explore the top 8 best gaited horse breeds that provide a smooth ride, allowing riders to experience unmatched comfort and enjoyment.

Top 8 Best Gaited Horse Breeds for a Smooth Ride
Top 8 Best Gaited Horse Breeds for a Smooth Ride

Introduction to Gaited Horses

Gaited horses are a specific group of horse breeds that possess a natural ability to perform smooth and evenly spaced gaits. These gaits differ from the standard walk, trot, and canter, offering riders a more comfortable and less jarring experience. The unique movements of gaited horses make them popular choices for riders seeking a smooth ride without sacrificing speed or agility.

Tennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse is a versatile breed renowned for its signature running walk. This gait is incredibly smooth, allowing riders to cover long distances with ease. With its calm and gentle temperament, the Tennessee Walking Horse is a popular choice for pleasure riding, trail riding, and even horse shows. Its natural gait combined with a friendly and willing disposition makes it a top choice for riders of all experience levels.

Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter is another exceptional gaited breed known for its distinctive fox trot gait. This breed offers a smooth and rhythmic movement that is easy on the rider’s back. The Missouri Fox Trotter’s gait allows it to cover ground efficiently while providing a comfortable ride. With its versatile nature, this breed excels in various equestrian disciplines, including trail riding, ranch work, and endurance riding.


Paso Fino

Originating from Puerto Rico, the Paso Fino is a breed celebrated for its unique lateral four-beat gait. This gait, known as the paso fino, translates to “fine step” in Spanish. It offers riders an incredibly smooth and balanced ride, making it suitable for long hours in the saddle. The Paso Fino’s elegance and versatility have earned it a dedicated following among horse enthusiasts worldwide.

Rocky Mountain Horse

True to its name, the Rocky Mountain Horse hails from the Appalachian region of Kentucky. This breed is highly regarded for its smooth ambling gait, known as the single-foot. The Rocky Mountain Horse’s gait is not only comfortable but also covers ground efficiently, making it an excellent choice for both trail riding and long-distance journeys. Its gentle temperament and surefootedness further contribute to its popularity.


Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic Horse is a unique and ancient breed known for its five natural gaits. One of its most prized gaits is the tölt, a four-beat lateral gait that offers exceptional smoothness and speed. The tölt is often compared to a comfortable and effortless glide, providing riders with a thrilling yet comfortable experience. The Icelandic Horse’s versatility, resilience, and smooth gaits make it a cherished breed for riders worldwide.

Peruvian Paso

With its distinctive and elegant presence, the Peruvian Paso is a breed that captivates riders with its natural smoothness. This breed showcases the paso llano, a four-beat lateral gait characterized by a graceful and flowing movement. The Peruvian Paso’s unique gait and gentle nature make it a popular choice for pleasure riding, parades, and exhibitions. Its ability to offer a smooth ride while maintaining an impressive presence sets it apart from other horse breeds.


Mangalarga Marchador

Originating from Brazil, the Mangalarga Marchador is a versatile and charismatic breed renowned for its natural marcha gait. The marcha offers riders a smooth and rhythmic movement that is easy to sit and enjoy. The Mangalarga Marchador’s combination of agility, endurance, and smooth gaits makes it well-suited for various equestrian activities, including ranch work, long-distance riding, and cattle herding.

Spotted Saddle Horse

The Spotted Saddle Horse is a striking and eye-catching breed that combines smooth gaits with a colorful coat pattern. This breed excels in its ability to provide a comfortable and smooth ride, making it a favorite among pleasure riders. The Spotted Saddle Horse’s calm disposition and natural gait variations, such as the running walk and rack, ensure an enjoyable experience for riders seeking a smooth and stylish ride.


When it comes to experiencing a smooth ride on horseback, gaited horse breeds are the way to go. The Tennessee Walking Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, Paso Fino, Rocky Mountain Horse, Icelandic Horse, Peruvian Paso, Mangalarga Marchador, and Spotted Saddle Horse are all excellent choices for riders seeking comfort, versatility, and enjoyment.

These breeds offer unique gaits that prioritize the rider’s comfort without compromising on performance. So saddle up and embark on a memorable ride with these top 8 best gaited horse breeds.

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Q: Are gaited horses suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, gaited horses can be suitable for beginners due to their smooth gaits and calm temperaments. However, it’s still essential for beginners to receive proper guidance and instruction when starting their riding journey.

Q: Which gaited horse breed is the best for trail riding?

A: The Tennessee Walking Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, and Rocky Mountain Horse are all excellent choices for trail riding due to their smooth gaits and surefootedness.

Q: Can gaited horses compete in horse shows?

A: Yes, gaited horses can compete in specific classes designed for their unique gaits. There are various horse shows and competitions dedicated to showcasing the beauty and elegance of gaited breeds.

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