Viral Video: Toddler Throws A Nasty Right Hook & Hits Wild Turkey Right In The Face


Toddler Throws A Nasty Right Hook & Hits Wild– Guns and bows and arrows are the most common tools used to hunt turkeys.

He decided to use his bare hands instead.


I have a couple of questions regarding how this whole thing went down, and by a couple of questions, I mean around a million.

Let’s start by asking where this is taking place. In addition to wondering where the family lives, I also want to know what type of room this is.

In the Brute garbage can behind the kid, it looks like someone is throwing away a nice ladder, but I’ll do my best not to get sidetracked…


How can a huge-ass turkey be hanging out with these people? What made the turkey feel inclined to approach the man-made structure with so many people inside if this is their garage?

Usually, turkeys are spooked by things that are out of the ordinary, so maybe this turkey is like a city squirrel that doesn’t care about personal space.


Finally, what was going through this toddler’s mind to make him think he would punch the turkey in its strange, wrinkled head? ”

It’s better than the other way around, I guess. In my stories about people interacting with animals, the person gets too close to the animal and provokes it to attack.


The kid decided to take the fight to the turkey, and threw an impressive right hook that landed right on the turkey’s face. I found it funny that the turkey simply ate the punch without reacting.

It didn’t fight back or flee (since turkeys can fly for short distances), as I expected. It was like Rocky when the turkey just sat there and took it.

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