8 horse breeds with beautiful hair

Friesian Horse 

Friesians are one of the most recognizable long-haired horse breeds. Originating from the Netherlands, they have a regal presence and luxurious feathered feet. 

Gypsy Vanner 

The Gypsy Vanner, with its abundant mane and tail, is a captivating long-haired breed.  


The Haflinger is a versatile long-haired breed with a golden coat and striking feathered hooves. 

Shire Horse 

As one of the largest horse breeds, the Shire is renowned for its long, flowing mane and heavily feathered legs. 


Clydesdales are famous for their role as draft horses, but they are also admired for their feathery lower legs and impressive appearance in parades and shows. 


The Andalusian, a breed with roots in Spain, boasts a silky mane and tail, along with feathered feet that add to its elegance and grace. 

Gypsy Cob 

The Gypsy Cob is a compact and sturdy long-haired breed with a profusion of feathers that cascade from its powerful legs, capturing hearts wherever it goes. 

Cob Normand 

The Cob Normand, hailing from France, exhibits a luxurious, wavy mane and feathered hooves, embodying the allure of long-haired horse breeds. 

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