8 weakest animals in the world

Dung Beetle 

Tiny and delicate, the dung beetle is one of the weakest insects in the animal kingdom. 


Despite its adorable appearance, the koala is surprisingly weak. It has a highly specialized diet and relies on eucalyptus leaves for sustenance.  

Sea Horse 

The delicate sea horse might seem gentle, but it's one of the weakest marine creatures. It uses its tail to grip seaweed for stability. 


The slow-moving sloth is one of the weakest mammals in the animal kingdom. It conserves energy by sleeping up to 20 hours a day. 

Glass Frog 

The translucent glass frog is fragile and vulnerable, making it one of the weakest amphibians. Its transparent skin is its unique feature. 

Penguin Chick 

Penguin chicks are incredibly weak compared to their adult counterparts. They depend on their parents for warmth and protection.  

Tiny Mouse Lemur 

The tiny mouse lemur is one of the weakest primates, with a small size that makes it susceptible to predators. 

Naked Mole Rat 

The naked mole rat is one of the weakest rodents. It lives underground in tunnels, depending on the colony for protection.  

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