8 zodiac signs who are clueless when it comes to love


Impulsive and adventurous, Aries often struggle with commitment and prefer freedom over stability. 


Geminis' dual nature leads to indecisiveness, causing challenges in forming lasting romantic connections. 


Leos' self-centeredness can make it hard for them to prioritize their partner's needs and emotions. 


Libras' constant quest for balance may lead to relationship indecision and difficulty in expressing true emotions. 


Sagittarians' love for adventure can sometimes lead to avoiding emotional intimacy and commitment. 


Aquarians' detached nature may hinder them from fully connecting with their partners on an emotional level. 


Capricorns' work-focused mindset might cause them to neglect their relationships and personal life. 


Pisceans' dreamy nature can make it challenging for them to handle the practical aspects of relationships. 

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