8 zodiac signs who are terrible Liars Ranked


Fiery and passionate, Aries can bend the truth to protect their ego or impress others. Beware of their charming lies 


Geminis' dual nature makes them skilled liars. Their adaptability and wit make it hard to catch them in the act 


Leos' desire for attention and admiration sometimes leads them to exaggerate their accomplishments. Watch out for their inflated stories 


Scorpios' secretive nature can lead them to conceal the truth to protect their emotions or achieve their goals. 


Sagittarians' love for adventure may tempt them to embellish their experiences. Don't fall for their captivating tales 


Capricorns' ambition drives them to present themselves in the best light, even if it means stretching the truth. 


Libras' aversion to conflict can lead them to tell white lies to maintain harmony in relationships. 


Cancerians' sensitivity may lead them to hide the truth to avoid emotional vulnerability. 

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