9  Largest Chickens in the World


Explore the incredible world of the largest chickens on the planet and learn about their astonishing sizes and characteristics.

Brahma Chicken

The Brahma chicken is one of the largest chicken breeds, known for its immense size, feathered shanks, and gentle nature.

Jersey Giant Chicken

The Jersey Giant chicken, originating from the United States, is an impressive breed known for its gigantic size and excellent egg-laying abilities.

Cochin Chicken

The Cochin chicken, with its fluffy feathers and massive size, is renowned for its gentle temperament and striking appearance.

Cochin Chicken

The Malay chicken is an ancient breed recognized for its extraordinary height and slender, elongated body structure.

Orpington Chicken

The Orpington chicken, developed in England, is a popular breed admired for its large size, fluffy plumage, and friendly disposition.

Australorp Chicken

The Australorp chicken, originating from Australia, is a large breed known for its remarkable egg-laying abilities and friendly nature.

Cornish Chicken

The Cornish chicken, often used in meat production, is a muscular breed with a stocky build and robust characteristics.

Faverolles Chicken

The Faverolles chicken, with its striking appearance and fluffy plumage, is a medium-to-large breed known for its docile nature.

Faverolles Chicken

The Yokohama chicken, originating from Japan, is an exotic breed admired for its elegant appearance, long tail feathers, and graceful demeanor.

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