9 Most Expensive Chicken Breeds in the World


Explore the world of high-priced poultry and discover the most expensive chicken breeds that captivate breeders and enthusiasts alike.

Ayam Cemani

This rare Indonesian breed is known for its all-black appearance and is highly sought after by collectors.


Hailing from Malaysia, the Serama breed is renowned for its diminutive size and striking appearance.


With their fluffy plumage and friendly nature, Silkies have become popular worldwide.


Originating from Japan, the Yokohama breed stands out with its long, flowing tail feathers and elegant appearance.


Coveted for their large size and feathered feet, Cochins have gained a reputation as an expensive and highly sought-after breed.


Known for their ornate crests and unique appearance, Sultans are a favorite among chicken enthusiasts.


The Phoenix breed, characterized by its long, graceful tail feathers, has captured the hearts of many breeders and fanciers.


Orpingtons, with their fluffy plumage and gentle temperament, have become beloved worldwide


Polish chickens, known for their distinctive crests and friendly demeanor, are a popular choice among chicken enthusiasts.

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