Longest Living Fish

"Greenland Shark"

"Discover the remarkable longevity of the Greenland Shark, a true marvel of the deep seas."

"Koi Fish"

"Delve into the enchanting world of Koi Fish, renowned for their vibrant colors and impressive lifespans."

"Mediterranean Sheepshead"

"Uncover the intriguing secrets behind the Mediterranean Sheepshead, known for its extended lifespan."

"Bowhead Whale"

"Dive into the awe-inspiring realm of the Bowhead Whale, one of the longest-living marine mammals on Earth."

"Galapagos Tortoise"

"Explore the captivating story of the Galapagos Tortoise, a legendary creature renowned for its remarkable longevity."


"Learn about the ancient Lamprey and its astonishing lifespan, making it one of the longest-living jawless fish."

"Orange Roughy"

"Discover the mysterious world of the Orange Roughy, a deep-sea dweller with an unexpectedly long lifespan."

"Rougheye Rockfish"

"Unearth the fascinating facts about the Rougheye Rockfish, a rock-dwelling fish with an impressive lifespan."

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