Top 10 White Chicken Breeds


Discover the beauty and charm of white chicken breeds. Learn about their unique characteristics, egg-laying capabilities, and popularity among poultry enthusiasts.


Known for their excellent egg-laying abilities, Leghorns are a popular white chicken breed. They are active, alert, and produce large white eggs.

Plymouth Rock

The Plymouth Rock breed is not only prized for its white plumage but also for its friendly nature and reliable egg production.


Sussex chickens are known for their attractive white feathers, calm temperament, and good egg-laying performance. They adapt well to various climates


Polish chickens stand out with their fluffy white feathers and distinctive crests. They are a visually striking breed and make excellent backyard companions


Silkies are small, fluffy white chickens known for their unique appearance and gentle nature. They are popular as pets and for their brooding abilities.


Hamburg chickens are known for their beautiful white plumage adorned with black markings. They are active, hardy, and reliable layers.


Australorps are renowned for their exceptional egg-laying capabilities. These white chickens are docile, friendly, and adapt well to different environments.


Orpington chickens come in various colors, including white. They are known for their large size, gentle temperament, and good egg production.


Wyandottes are versatile chickens with white plumage and striking patterns. They are prized for their egg-laying abilities, hardiness, and attractive appearance.


Cochin chickens, including the white variety, have feathered feet and a calm disposition. They are excellent brooders and make delightful pets.

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