Top 7 Best Cat Breeds for Apartments 

Maine Coon 

Gentle giants, Maine Coons are ideal for apartments due to their friendly nature and adaptability. 


Siamese cats are affectionate and low-maintenance, making them perfect for apartment dwellers. 


Ragdolls are docile and well-suited for indoor living, making them great companions for apartment life.  

British Shorthair 

The British Shorthair's calm demeanor and adaptability make them excellent choices for apartment living. 

Scottish Fold 

With their folded ears and friendly personalities, Scottish Folds are perfect for apartment dwellers. 


Energetic and playful, Bengals can thrive in apartments with ample toys and stimulation. 


Sphynx cats' lack of fur reduces shedding and makes them well-suited for apartment living.  

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