Top 8 cat breeds that act like a dog 

Maine Coon 

Originating in the United States, the Maine Coon is known for its dog-like size and sociable nature. This gentle giant is an ideal family companion. 


Ragdolls are famously relaxed and docile cats, often following their owners around. They adore attention and can even learn tricks!  


Highly intelligent and vocal, Siamese cats forge strong bonds with their humans. They enjoy interactive play and can be leash-trained for walks! 


Bengals have a playful and adventurous spirit. Some even enjoy playing fetch! These energetic cats are always up for fun and games. 


Abyssinians are curious and active cats that love exploring their surroundings. They thrive on human interaction and can be quite affectionate. 


Burmese cats are devoted and friendly, forming strong bonds with their owners. They are often called 'dog-like' due to their affectionate nature. 

Turkish Van 

Turkish Vans are water-loving cats known for their playful behavior. They enjoy splashing in water and can exhibit traits similar to a dog's loyalty.  


The Manx breed is recognized for its taillessness or short tail. These cats are outgoing, social, and can be taught to play fetch with ease. 

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