Top 8 fun and easy dog tricks

Shake Hands

Teach your dog to shake hands with a simple and fun trick. Reward them with a treat when they offer their paw.

Roll Over

Show your dog how to roll over by luring them with a treat. Reward them when they successfully complete the trick.

Roll Over

Teach your dog to spin in a circle. Use a treat to guide them in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion.

High Five

Teach your dog to give you a high five. Hold your hand up, and when they touch it with their paw, reward them with praise and a treat.


Encourage your dog to bark on command by saying "speak" and rewarding them when they vocalize.

Play Dead

Teach your dog to play dead by having them lie down, then gently rolling them onto their side. Reward them when they stay in that position.


Train your dog to crawl by using a treat to guide them forward while they keep their belly on the ground. Reward their progress with treats and praise.


Teach your dog to bow by luring them down into a play bow position. Reward them when they successfully mimic the action.

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