Top 8 Tiniest Birds in the World


Welcome to the fascinating world of the tiniest birds! In this web story, we will explore the incredible diversity and extraordinary characteristics of these small avian wonders.

Bee Hummingbird

The Bee Hummingbird, also known as the Mellisuga helenae, holds the title for being the smallest bird in the world. With an average length of only 5 centimeters (2 inches), this incredible creature weighs less than a penny!


The Weebill, scientifically named Smicrornis brevirostris, is a tiny bird species found in Australia. Measuring around 8 centimeters (3.1 inches) in length, it is known for its short and pointed beak.

Elf Owl

The Elf Owl, scientifically known as Micrathene whitneyi, is one of the smallest owls in the world. It reaches a height of about 13 centimeters (5.1 inches) and weighs just over 40 grams.


The Goldcrest, or Regulus regulus, is a small bird found across Europe. It measures around 9 centimeters (3.5 inches) in length and is known for its vibrant golden crest.


The Verdin, scientifically called Auriparus flaviceps, is a tiny bird species found in the southwestern United States and Mexico. It has a distinctive yellow head and measures about 10 centimeters (4 inches) in length.

Philippine Pygmy-Kingfisher

The Philippine Pygmy-Kingfisher, or Ceyx melanurus, is a small bird species native to the Philippines. With a length of approximately 13 centimeters (5.1 inches), it displays stunning plumage in vibrant colors.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird, scientifically named Archilochus colubris, is the smallest hummingbird species found in North America. It measures about 9 centimeters (3.5 inches) in length and is famous for its iridescent feathers and rapid wingbeats.


The Firecrest, scientifically known as Regulus ignicapilla, is a small bird species found in Europe and Asia. It measures approximately 9 centimeters (3.5 inches) in length and features a vibrant fiery orange crest.

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