Top 8 Zodiac signs men like to do forehead kiss


Fiery and passionate, Aries men adore tender forehead kisses that show love and appreciation. Their confident nature seeks affectionate gestures. 


The proud Leo man finds forehead kisses incredibly endearing. Shower him with love, and his heart will be forever devoted to you. 


Libra men are romantics at heart and savor the tenderness of forehead kisses. It speaks volumes of care and affection they cherish. 


Sensitive and dreamy, Pisces men are drawn to the intimacy of forehead kisses. It creates a deep emotional bond they crave. 


Taurus men appreciate the simplicity of forehead kisses. It makes them feel loved and secure in a world they can trust. 


For Cancer men, forehead kisses are like a soothing balm to their souls. It comforts them and strengthens the emotional connection. 


The intense Scorpio man desires forehead kisses that showcase unwavering loyalty and love. It fuels their passion and devotion. 


Capricorn men may seem stoic, but they cherish forehead kisses as a symbol of deep affection and commitment. It means the world to them. 

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